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Yes, minimal bandwidth is required via supported devices to play courses.
Course duration can be found in the product description. It is the amount of time in which you have access to and should complete any particular course.
Navigate the course bundles menu option and add interested courses to cart, and create an account at check out. At successful payment, a confirmation mail is sent to you and course access details are forwarded to you under 48 hours. Existing users can login to purchase more courses at any time.
You decide. Learning can happen wherever your device is.
Kindly send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to our support team for quick resolution of your technical issues. Alternatively, visit  to create tickets and track your request resolution.
Yes, you can view your transcripts and download your certificate after completing your courses. Details are provided in the user guide.
You can use Skillsoft's Browser Capabilities Check to ensure that your computer and web browser are configured correctly for accessing the learning portal and content. You can access the Browser Capabilities Check at


Yes. You can turn the audio off at any time by clicking Turn Off Audio button located in the bottom navigation bar. You can turn it back on by clicking the same button. 
Using the Exit button to close the Skillsoft Course Player bookmarks your place in the course. Later, when you return to the same course, you are given the option to return to where you left off (that is, to return to your bookmark).
You will also notice that if you leave a course to visit the Progress & Tests tab, you will find a Bookmark button in the lower-right corner. Click this button to return to your last place in the course.
Job aids are standalone documents that support the transfer of knowledge and skills from courses to the workplace. They are performance-support tools designed to be used on an ongoing basis, or around a specific work-focused events, such as performance reviews, interviewing, or strategic planning. Job aids are not dependent on course content. If a job aid is available for a particular course, you can launch it from the course summary page.
SkillBriefs are single-page, condensed summaries of the instructional content of a course topic. Use SkillBriefs as an instant reference after you have completed a course. If a SkillBrief is available for a particular course, you can launch it from the course summary page.
Practice labs are designed to help you practice and assess your current skill levels and maintain ongoing expertise. An expert introduction provides you with insights and key pointers to the core skills practiced in the lab. After the introduction, you work in a learning environment that replicates a real-world job situation, and you complete hands-on exercises designed to build a rounded aggregation of competencies and skills.
TestPrep Exams are practice tests that help you prepare for a certification exam by testing your knowledge in a simulated certification testing environment. You can take a TestPrep exam in Study Mode (where you receive feedback after each question) or in Certification Mode (designed to mimic a certification exam).
Mentoring provides a convenient way of accessing the Ask My Mentor feature for a particular course or certification path. Mentoring assets map to specific certification exams, and, therefore, they appear in the Library beneath applicable exams in a certification-related curricula folder.

You can access mentoring support by clicking in one of the following locations:

  •  A course summary page that has a related mentoring offering.
  •  The objectives screen of a mentored exercise.

The Ask My Mentor page allows you to take advantage of three types of mentoring: live chats, questions and answers by email, and daily messages.

  •  Chat with a Mentor: If you have a quick question about a course or certification, your mentoring team can provide you with a quick answer. To enter a live chat with a mentor, click Chat with a Mentor.
  •  Email My Mentor: If you have a detailed question about a course or certification, your Mentoring Team can provide you with a detailed answer via email. To email a mentor, click Email My Mentor.
  •  Change Daily Email Options: You can receive daily email messages that contain questions and information relevant to the specific certification. To activate this feature and specify the frequency with which to receive messages, click Change Daily Email Options.
Click My Progress on the left side of the portal interface. Find the course, and each topic/lesson of the course will be listed. Your Pre-assess score, Mastery high score, and Mastery current score will be listed for each topic/lesson. From within the course, you can see your status for each topic/lesson on the Progress & Tests tab.
In multiple-part test questions, you receive partial credit for the questions that you answered correctly. Your score is calculated by the number of correct answers divided by the total number of choices.
The completion requirements for your courses are determined by your training administrator. You can view both completed and started courses in My Progress. You can see the completion requirements for a course in the Skillsoft Course Player by clicking the Completion Status link at the top of the Progress & Tests page.
The valid course period is usually specified in the product description. It is the amount of time in which you should complete any particular course.