Entrepreneurs Bundle

Learn how to apply knowledge obtained from core business courses. Enhance your entrepreneurial skills. Make the appropriate decisions in starting and operating your business.


The learner is taught how to apply knowledge obtained in core business courses to utilizing your entrepreneurial skills ,making decisions related to starting the business and subsequently operating the business.

  • Identify how effective project management is vital to your organization
  • Identify project management objectives and activities; match project roles and concerned parties to their responsibilities
  • Recognize appropriate targets for measuring performance
  • Monitor performance and decide on appropriate actions to address performance gaps 
  • Classify examples of cash flow into operating, investing or financing activities
  • Calculate the potential cash gain when reducing the total business float, given the annual sales volume in a case-based example
  • Recognize the effect an increase or decrease in working capital has on cash flow


Expected Duration: Validity:                 
   9 month

Course List

Generating Creative and Innovative Ideas: Enhancing Your Creativity

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Marketing Essentials: Introduction to Marketing

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Business Planning Essentials: Preparing a Business Plan

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