About PLB

Phillips Learning Bundle (PLB) is an online national capacity development initiative by Phillips Consulting designed to empower individuals through a hassle free learning experience to improve their knowledge and competences.

Phillips Learning Bundle (PLB) provides a wide range of e-learning courses customized specifically to the needs of learners and in a manner that ensures effective learning through its diversified content and on varied devices.

Our mission at PLB is simple:

To enable you to learn wherever you are, get certified and develop new skills – at your own pace – using our learning solutions.

PLB Benefits

Our learning bundles don't just turn people's advantages into competitive business advantages but they are more accessible than other potential solutions. It is more affordable, costing less than more traditional talent development options.

The average user retains more knowledge via e-learning than in an orthodox training session.

Any individual undergoing our online learning package can also easily request a USB stick or portable device with e-learning course materials and watch anytime, anywhere.

Other Benefits include

- Online mentoring for certification courses
- Test preps
- A hassle-free learning experience
- Convenient and effective learning
- Continuous personal and professional development
- Creation of personalized learning path
- Self paced learning
- Mobility; learning anytime anywhere any device
- Increase productivity in the workplace
- Cutting edge technology

Target markets can make the most out of the available learning packages which include SkillSoft certified training courses with a varying array of courses topics, to align with their needs most effectively


How PLB Works

PLB is an online learning community with high-quality resources to help you develop essential certified workplace skills.


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